Scottish Highlands

You simply cannot beat the Scottish highlands in the heart of autumn. The once green forests are now tinged with yellow, orange and red. The temperature is cold but not freezing, enough chill for an early morning frost and a layer of low hanging mist that gives way to the autumnal sun’s warmth as midday approaches.

Our trip started in the Cairngorms National Park, taking in the sights of Loch an Elein and particularly the Rothiemurchus forest. It was reassuringly peaceful in the forest and throughout the park. We took time wandering around the forest, finding amazing views and hidden paths.

An unexpected highlight of our time in the Cairngorms came when we stumbled across a mystical sculpture trail constructed by artist and sculpter, Fank Bruce. Bruce’s collection of sculptures have found their home in a small woodland running parallel to the banks of the Feshie.

A meandering path leads round the sculptures, mostly carved in wood but some of stone; small interpretative panels help to understand their symbolic or political significance. However, such is Bruce’s talent, his sculptures barely need these explanatory panels. Each facial expression, gesture and pose provides a thoughtful insight into a range of thematic, symbolic and political perspectives.

After a few days in the Cairngorms we travelled out West. I’d been slightly concerned that the weather would curtail much photo taking and I wanted to stay sharp for the projects I would be returning to. I need not have worried however; the weather was glorious, allowing us to explore the stunning Applecross mountain range as well as the surrounding villages.